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Why Franchise Your Growing Alabama Business?

Franchising represents the perfect “next step” for growing a company. Click below to read about the Top 8 reasons to franchise a growing business!

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Franchises are a very important part of today's economy; click below for more information on how franchises effect the economy.

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About AFA

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Welcome to the Alabama Franchise Alliance! The Alliance was founded in May 2010 and is sure to be a success in the Alabama business community. The aspiration of the Alliance is to connect franchisors and franchisees with knowledge and resources to help them succeed not just in Alabama but all over the United States. The Alliance will host quarterly events providing social networking, education and opportunity. The Alabama Franchise Alliance works closely with the International Franchise Association.

AFA Mission Statement

The Alabama Franchise Alliance strives to inform and keep conected, the franchise community in Alabama.  The more connected the community, the more successful the business.  We strive to introduce ideas and people to franchisors and franchisees alike.  To network and stay educated is to succeed in the franchise world.

How to join AFA

Joining the AFA is as easy as a phone call or filling out our online form.

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